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A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Many people underestimate the severity of misdemeanor charges. A conviction can lead to heavy fines and time in jail, as well as make the consequences of any subsequent charges even more severe. Instead of hoping for a slap on the wrist from your criminal charges, fight for the outcome you deserve in your case.

At Resolute Law PLLC, we offer the Yakima and Tri-Cities communities more than 15 years of combined experience against criminal charges. We know how to develop strategies to pursue the optimal outcome in defense cases while also minimizing the time and effort necessary to resolve these matters.

How We Defend Our Clients

Part of what makes us so successful is our commitment to our clients. We are just as dedicated to their case as they are, and we do everything in our power to help our clients overcome the charges they are facing.

When clients come to us for help, we take the time to learn about the details surrounding our clients’ cases before developing a personalized strategy to help them through misdemeanor charges such as:

The key to a successful resolution in these cases is to review every detail of them, including scrutinizing the evidence of the case and consulting with expert witnesses. We will explore all options of protecting your rights and future, including by beating, reducing or dismissing your charges.

Someone To Stand Up For You

If you are facing criminal charges of any level, do not make the mistake of representing yourself or hoping for a plea deal. Instead of taking risks with your future, allow us to fight for the results you deserve. Call our Washington lawyers at 509-381-7330 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.