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Establishing Paternity To Benefit Your Children

The legal paternity of children is something that is often taken for granted in a relationship. In Washington, the only time paternity is automatically established is when the parents are married or in a domestic partnership at the time the child is born. Outside of this circumstance, parents will need to establish paternity for the father to engage in the full legal benefits of fatherhood.

At Resolute Law PLLC, we proudly represent mothers and fathers throughout Washington with their family law and paternity needs. Our lawyers have more than 15 years of combined experience helping families in these kinds of cases, and we are prepared to help you through your goals related to paternity.

Why Paternity Is Necessary

Too many unwed couples do not establish paternity when the child is born. This can be a serious issue later on for a number of reasons. First, a father without paternity will not have any legal rights over the child, which allows them to help make important decisions for this child and their development.

Paternity is also necessary in securing child support for your children. Establishing paternity can be critical in earning the resources your children need, and we can help you pursue legal options of proving who the father is of your children to seek compensation from them.

Rely On Our Guidance

We know how important paternity is for mothers and fathers, and we do everything we can to help them through the challenges of their legal needs. Our goal is to minimize the time, effort and difficulty necessary to resolve these legal matters.

Whether you are looking to protect your rights as a father or provide for your children as a mother, we can help you and your family. Contact our Yakima or Kennewick office at 509-381-7330 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.